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What is Recovery?

How do I define addiction recovery? Let's start out with addiction..... what I learned over the years through my reading and life experience is my addictions began as a means of self medicating, to bury and numb myself from the trauma I experienced throughout my childhood. These traumas have manifested as Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) which had plagued me for decades. My addictions have caused me great pain and near death experiences. A dark past filled with loss of friends, family, over dose, suicidal ideation, and deep depression. My addictions caused much worse pain than the pain I was avoiding while practicing those addictions.

Addiction Recovery

So, my definition of addiction recovery comes from my experience, strength, and hope. Firstly, one must address the addiction, which is the most important step in this recovery process. There is nothing easy about this, yet it is most certainly possible. With 12 Stepology / Inner Child Tribe I use the Twelve Steps as well as other modalities to obtain separation from the addiction. This is only the first part of addiction recovery. Healing is a lifetime process that focuses on physical, emotional, and spiritual sobriety. One can step out of living hell into a way of living that brings peace into every area of ones life.

Trauma Recovery

The main focus in trauma recovery is restoration of the TRUE SELF and the courage to move forward on the healing journey. Recovery does not necessarily mean complete freedom from past trauma however, with the right tools one can learn to live in the present without being paralyzed by past emotional wreckage.

Mike Callahan

Inner Child Tribe

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