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Inner Child Work

Innerchildtribe Mission Statement

Hello I am Mike Callahan Founder of Innerchildtribe .

My mission is to help others walk through Trauma and Addictions and find a new way of life.. That I discovered on my journey of unlearning the angst, triggers, destructive thought processes and behavior as a result of trauma.

It has been a long journey that has given me a great passion for this work, a passion that runs as deep as the emotional wounds I encountered in childhood.

In my work as a spiritual Mentor / Sobriety Coach.

I clear a path for my clients so that they can begin this journey of recovery. And share my experience, strength and hope to a new way of life. Which has brought me a simple way to life filled with unconditional love, peace and joy.

I have 35 years of 12 step recovery in 3 different programs.

Mentoring in

”Mankind Project“

“Boys to Men Mentoring“

“Facilitating mens, Innerchildtribe groups”

Addiction is a mental illness in my experience, one that goes far deeper than just the addiction,. In short, an attempt to numb feelings associated with trauma.

What underlies disassociation is the traumatic experiences that happened to us in our past, and our childhood. We attempt to bury and numb trauma with our addictions to avoid the emotional pain we feel inside.

Unfortunately, our addictions take us deeper into the darkness of depression, anxiety, suicidal ideation, anger and shame.

Innerchildtribe starts the healing process by working on these issues.

Addressing trauma, we step into a new freedom.

There are many resources for this work.


Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing


Trauma Release Therapy

“Tribal Breathwork”

Heals and Releases Trauma in a Profound way

“Innerchild Work”

Starting a new dialog within removing the inner critic and introducing our loving parent

Quite a process

“Deep Tissue Massage”

Releases trauma within our body

These modalities help us associate with our body again, sometimes for the first time.

We feel comfortable in the moment.

We release our victim and journey out of shadow into the light

Many of have suffered the effects of trauma in our childhood.

We no longer have to live in victimhood.

We move from surviving to thriving.

We find a new freedom

My mission with innerchildtribe is to bring to light with multiple resources for healing trauma and addiction.

I have found that Inner child work is one of the keys to deep recovery. Keeping us on a path in which we can actually start enjoying life on life terms. Learning to love ourselves and others. Although the journey is tough, we start enjoying this path. And walk away from the shadow of the false-self that keeps us in Trauma and addiction.

Are you ready for your journey?


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