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Services & Packages

Recovery and Spiritual Coaching + Mentorship

Complimentary 30-minute
Phone Consultation

Get to know me and allow me to get to know you.

Are you curious if coaching or mentorship can be helpful to make further progress in your personal recovery or spiritual journey? If so, please sign up for a complimentary 30-minute phone consultation to see if we are the right fit and learn more about our services. 

Introductory Trial Package

Get support to transform your life with this three-month, Introductory Trial Package.
What's included? 
  • Two 15-minute phone calls per week

  • One 30-minute Zoom call per week or two one-hour in-person sessions in San Diego. 

  • You will be given homework based on goals/plans established during our consultations.

  • Sessions will include a homework review and guidance for any upcoming challenges. 

  • Techniques that may be utilized in the session:

    • Breathwork in the office

    • The Work by Byron Katie (teaches us to question belief systems, controlling the inner pharmacist)

    • Referrals to 12-step programs

    • 12Stepology Support

    • Life Syllabus: 

    • Meditation

    • Prayer Guidance

    • Daily Reflection Emails

    • Facebook Groups

    • Recommendations for therapeutic support

    • LIFE syllabus - includes all the actions/tools for everyday living. 

Price: $450

A La Carte Support Calls

Additional a la carte calls are available for those who need extra support.


  • One, 15-minute call: $30

  • One, 30-minute call: $60

  • One, 60-minute call: $120

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