Tribal breath


Combines conscious breathing, gentle body mapping meridians and, toning. Followed  by gentle Cranial massage. Breathwork  therapies derive from spiritual practices dating back to 5,000 BC.

Breath = Life

Conscious breath = living life to its fullest i this moment, there is no past moment, or future only now.


  • Expands awareness

  • A deeper Sense of Self

  • Allows fuller expression of love and joy In general, the goal of any breathwork therapy is to support people in achieving a greater sense of self-awareness, an increased capacity for self-healing, and overall improvement in mental, physical, and spiritual well-being.

  • Helps with anger issues

  • Minimizes Depression

  • Trauma Release 

  • Loss and grief work 

  • Helps release PTSD

  • Deepens Meditation

  • Strengthens the connection with the Divine

    Michael CallahanSpiritual Mentor / Healer / Breath Facilitator 

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"The time for healing old patterns and stuck energy is now.  Self-love is waiting to be discovered and awakened within.  It's the key to healing

David Elliott