Michael Callahan

Teacher / 12 Stepology

 Mentor / Emotional Core

Healer / Studied under David Elliott

Facilitator / Tribal Breath Work

Inner-child Healing Meditations

         Guided Meditations 

"The time for healing old patterns and stuck energy is now.  Self-love is waiting to be discovered and awakened within.  It's the key to healing." -David Elliott

31 Years 12 Step Recovery Work AA 

24 Years 12 Step Recovery Work Alanon

3 Years ACA


Facilitator Mens Workshops 2010 Alanon Blue Print For Progress / ACA Yellow Book Workshop/  

Mentor in New Warriors / Mankind Project since 2002 

Part time Mentorship

Boys to Men San Diego 

Massage Therapist / Deep Tissue / Shiastsu/ Since1995 

 Body Mapping Through  Breathwork

Awakened to Yoga 26-2 Hot Yoga in 2010

Tribal Breathwork for Trauma Release

NOTE: This is not therapy / Its Healing / A new way of life. The map to your true-self. Emotional Core Healing


I am a Teacher, Student, Mentor, Healer and Fellow Traveller. I teach what I live, live what I teach. And offer a way of life that brings mindfulness, a sense of peace and well being. True Happiness! “ Way of Life?” Meditation, Breathwork, Emotional Core Work, Yoga, Exercise, HealthyDiet and a willingness to give away this gift received. For myself it has been a long road, filled with ups and downs. I have through experience learned to live this journey to its fullest. I strive living in the moment. I am passionate with this work. A heroes journey we awaken. In this work, this way of life I have found my deepest wounds have been transmuted into profound blessings of Joy.  

Manifestation of Inner Child Tribe

Inner Child Tribe came to me in a vision during one of my 26-2 Hot Yoga classes. And has continued to manifest itself to life thru yoga and pranayama Breath-work. My logo created by the essence of my inner-children. Four inner-children at each point, and a flaming heart in the middle surrounded by circle of life. Four inner-children. Understand each one of these inner-children show up in our lives today. Wounded or healed when we become aware that they are the essence of our adulthood today. With this work of self-love we begin the journey of a healing process that continues throughout our lives.

Michael Callahan