Core Values

  • Integrity - The true meaning of a man is someone who is honest , reliable and accountable.

  • Responsibility - We are responsible for our own actions and choices right or wrong.

  • Accountability - We take ownership of how we think, what we do, and how we feel.

  • Self-awareness - We become aware of our own emotions and the power they can have over us.

  • Emotional Expression - What signs to look for that trigger emotional responses.

  • The Healthy We Want To Be - Once a teenager gets a glimpse of who he wants to be. We can design a road map together to get from point A to point Be. We can teach him to be accountable to himself to walk this journey!


It all started when…

Inner Child Tribe came to me in a vision during one of my 26-2 Hot Yoga classes. And has continued to manifest itself to life thru yoga and pranayama Breath-work. My logo was an incredible manifestation created by the essence of my inner-children. Four inner-children at each point a flaming heart in the middle surrounded by circle of life. Four inner-children. Understand each one of these inner-children show up in our lives today. Wounded or healed when we become aware that they are the essence of our being, we begin the journey of a healing process that continues throughout our lives.